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East Kilbride has grown from its earliest days as a small village housing a few hundred people into a major centre of population and employment. Historically associated with the agricultural trades and weaving, East Kilbride is now a hub of industrial Scotland where many companies in engineering, manufacturing and high-tech industries have located over the past 60 years following its designation as a new town in 1947.

The town sits on high ground to the south side of Glasgow but is a part of Lanarkshire and currently under the governance of South Lanarkshire Council, although in the past the town has been run as a single local authority.

Historically, the name of the village was simply Kilbride, with the East being added in the 19th century to distinguish it from West Kilbride, in Ayrshire (so as not to confuse the postal service). The town’s name derives from ‘Kil’, the Gaelic word (cill) for a church, and St Bride an Irish patron saint, for whom it is likely an early church dedicated to her was located in the area.

The most famous historical figures to have been born in East Kilbride are John and William Hunter, born at Long Calderwood in the 18th century, both brothers became renowned anatomists, surgeons and pioneers of the medical profession.

The modern day town is a successful commercial and industrial area, with a growing population attracted by high educational standards, job prospects and a healthy environment in which to raise a family. East Kilbride has an active community and is well served by sports clubs and sports centre’s with Calderglen Country Park providing a scenic and popular place for recreation.

Population (census 2011): 74,395

Places to visit:
National Museum of Rural Life

Calderglen Country Park
James Hamilton Heritage Loch
The Shopping Centre
The Village
Dollan Aqua Centre

Useful numbers:

East Kilbride Police: 101

Hairmyres Hospital: 01355 585000

South Lanarkshire Council: 0303 123 1015

South Lanarkshire Council Emergency Housing Repairs: 0800 242024

Electricty Emergencies: 0845 2727 999

Gas Emergencies: 0800 111 999

Water Emergencies: 0845 601 8855


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South Lanarkshire Council

East Kilbride News


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